Refugee Week 2020

At Trinity Centre they are currently preparing for the upcoming Refugee Week (15 – 21 June). As the celebration is going to be online this year, they would still like to engage with the local community to educate and celebrate how we not only welcome but value refugees in Cardiff.

They have created the Trinity Centre Tree Project – an easy way that people in the community can show their support for Refugee Week 2020. On the back of this sheet there is a template of a tree for people to decorate with leaves using paint, gluing pieces, colouring, printing…they’d love for people to get creative! You could also create your own tree. This is to represent that Each leaf is unique and has its own story, but all leaves come together to make fantastic trees.  

They would love to see your trees – once complete, please put them in your windows during Refugee Week (15 – 21 June) if possible, and either send a photo to them at or tag them on facebook @TrinityCentreCDF or Twitter @CdfTrinity to show the refugee and asylum seeking community that we are all here to support them.

Download Tree Template

Posted by Lisa Medina