Prayers for 23rd May

Today’s thoughts are provided by Rev. Nick Oborski.

You can download a copy of these prayers here. 

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.’

PSALM 24:1

As you know my prayers are challenged by the work of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) who continually remind me of those we forget or take for granted. It’s rare to think about our power, gas and electric and of course water. I am probably reminded of them more when I play Monopoly but, in this time, we rely more than ever on these essential items after all there is no eating out at present. LICC provided these thoughts from people who work in the utility industries.

Giving thanks …

  • ‘People are really spending time “together” by booking virtual coffee breaks with the team. Colleagues are getting to know each other in a different way and having deeper conversations than before. It’s really enabling a connection.’

  • ‘Even in the midst of the current crisis, there are huge opportunities to demonstrate care, compassion, grace, and integrity in all I seek to do in my work. Being salt and light is not dismissed by Skype and Zoom.’

Ask for God’s help…
Pressures: What are the pressures affecting this context?

  • ‘National Grid operatives have to deal with issues out in the community, as homeworking for many is not possible, and so they are at risk of catching Covid.’

  • ‘I have to interact with my staff by telephone, and work patterns have had to change. My team has been split into two groups who work separate hours, and each group has less depth of knowledge so problem solving can take days not hours.’

Praying God’s heart for these people and situations…

Loving God we thank you for the those who work in the utilities industry. We ask Lord that you would keep the National Grid operational so that gas and electricity are provided to homes and businesses. We pray particularly for those who maintain the services to the elderly, those who have additional needs, and to the hospitals and care homes. Keep them safe as they enter homes to fix problems and restore supplies. We ask too that when this crisis is over, we would continue to value these workers and remember and give thanks for the work they do. Amen

Praying for the Wales Synod and Our Circuit

I invite us to remember and give thanks for all those in our congregations who serve faithfully in the life of the church who feel frustrated because they cannot use their gifts at present.

A Prayer

Loving God we thank you for all the gifts and graces you give your people. We think of flower arrangers, those who serve refreshments, local preachers and worship leaders, junior church leaders, choirs and musicians and other roles too numerous to name. We ask that you help each person to find a way of expressing and using their gifts during this period of lockdown. We ask that we might find new and creative ways to serve others through the gifts you have given us. Give us the courage to take risks do new things and develop our skills and gifts for the future. We pray that you might be changing us now so that our gifts and callings will be fit for the new world we will find ourselves in when the current situation is over. Amen

Posted by Lisa Medina