Cardiff Circuit Prayer Month

Dear Friends,

Over the last fifteen months a different Circuit in Wales has committed to pray for the life of the Wales Synod, its Churches and people. The sixteenth and final month is May 2020 and the Cardiff Circuit is responsible for this month of prayer. We had planned a number of events which sadly because of social distancing have had to be cancelled. At this time prayer is of great importance so as a team of ministers we want to keep the spirit of this prayer event firmly alive.

For the whole of May we will be contributing material each day and inviting everyone connected to the Circuit to join in these prayers.
Each day new prayers will be uploaded to our Circuit website and our Circuit Facebook page (you can find it here at ).
We will also be happy to send them to anyone via e-mail, this can be arranged or contact your own Minister who will ensure your details are passed to Lisa if the local Church is not sending the information directly.
We would be grateful if you could share this information with as many people as possible in your Churches.

Posted by Lisa Medina